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At Pacheco Jiu Jitsu, we pride ourselves on providing each student with the highest quality of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training that caters for all ages, fitness levels and ambition in a friendly and welcoming environment. We are a family-run business that is oriented to promoting camaraderie and community as core values.

Our aim is not only to teach the techniques of the world’s most effective and fastest growing martial art but also to put our students on the road to a lifelong learning with confidence and self-esteem. Our handcrafted programs are designed to develop fitness, release stress and improve strength and endurance for other sports.

Under the guidance of Diogenes Pacheco and a team of instructors, our students are treated individually to work on their own level, with the attention required to move forward in training to reach their goals and aspirations. We operate on the principle that dedication results in desired results and satisfaction with achievements.



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Children have a lot to gain from joining our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. It is designed to provide a safe environment for kids to learn self-defence techniques while having fun. With consistent attendance, effort and determination, children are able to develop their mental, physical and social skills. Through a series of progressive challenges, they learn how to set goals and develop the confidence needed to achieve them.
Our BJJ For Kids program promotes the concept of mutual welfare and respect, while helping children to develop discipline and responsibility. It also focuses heavily on skill-building drills to develop body awareness, strength, agility, coordination and flexibility. Consistent training produces better muscle tone, increased energy and enthusiasm for physical activity. All techniques are taught with a “safety first” mentality, allowing students to develop the confidence to apply them properly at their own pace.

Because we are a family-run business, we are dedicated to building interpersonal connections that serve to promote a community spirit. As such, we focus on the need to care for others in an effort to build our Pacheco Ju-Jitsu ‘family’ of like-minded people who help children feel connected to others.


Why Us


The benefits of joining Pacheco Jiu-Jitsu are many, but take a moment to check out some of the advantages of training with us:


  1. We are professionally run by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and certified self-defence instructor, Diogenes Pacheco.
  2. We provide an opportunity to compete with a world-class team.
  3. Our team promotes a family-oriented environment that promotes a sense of community.
  4. Our programs and training methods are implemented to provide a rock-solid martial arts foundation that suits individual needs.
  5. All classes are limited to 20 people to allow plenty of practice time and individual attention.
  6. Every member is valued as a part of the Pacheco Jiu-Jitsu family, regardless of their age and fitness level.
  7. Safety is our main priority, and we make sure students gradually progress throughout our program without risking their physical well-being.
  8. We often organize seminars and social events to enhance knowledge and bring our students together.
  9. We offer a 7-Day Free Trial Pass for new students. Friends are welcome to try out!

What is

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and self-defence system focused on ground fighting. The introduction of Jiu-Jitsu to Brazil is largely credited to Japanese master Mitsuyo Maeda, who immigrated to Brazil in the 1910s and taught the fundamentals of Judo to brothers Carlos and Hélio Gracie.

BJJ promotes the principle that a weaker person can successfully defend against a stronger opponent by using leverage and proper technique. Since its inception, BJJ was separated from older styles of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu by an important difference that was passed on from its parent art of Judo. BJJ it is not solely a martial art, but also a sport, a method for enhancing physical fitness and, ultimately, a lifestyle.

The benefits of BJJ are far-reaching and include increased self-confidence, energy, strength, flexibility and mental capacity. It also reduces stress levels, leads to better focus and helps build character in young people.


Diogenes Pacheco


Diogenes Pacheco is the founder and head instructor of Pacheco Jiu-Jitsu.

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Master Luiz Guilherme ‘Guigo’, he is regarded by his students and peers as an outstanding trainer.

Diogenes has over 15 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training under his belt and numerous titles, both in Australia and in Brazil. He is a BJJ referee and a certified self-defence instructor as well as a coach in ‘Ginastica Natural’, a combination of stretching and strength-building exercises designed to complement BJJ training.

Navigate through the years below by scrolling sideways, using the directional arrows, or just clicking on each year to learn more about the lineage of black belts leading up to Master Dio.

  1. Mitsuyo Maeda

    Mitsuyo Maeda, a Brazilian naturalized as Otávio Maeda, was a Japanese judōka and prizefighter in no holds barred competitions. He was also known as Count Combat or Conde Koma in Spanish and Portuguese, a nickname he picked up in Spain in 1908. Wikipedia
    Died28 December 1941, Belém, Pará, Brazil
    Height1.64 m
    Weight70 kg
    Martial artBrazilian jiu-jitsu
  2. Carlos Gracie

    Carlos Gracie was the visionary that founded the very first Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy, a martial arts gym Carlos managed with the help of his brothers, OswaldoGastãoGeorge and Helio Gracie. The group of brothers would break the conventions of what were the accepted fighting styles, challenging fighters from a variety of martial arts backgrounds to advertise themselves and to improve their technical abilities. Carlos Gracie reached the “Decimo Grau” (10th degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) a degree only given to the founders of the gentle art.
  3. Helio Gracie

    Helio Gracie was a 9th degree red belt and arguably the most important figure in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu‘s history. One of the first Gracie Jiu Jitsu representatives in the 1930’s and 1940’s he was also the father and master of many fighters who carried the name of his family’s trade to martial arts’ mainstream in the early 1990’s, competitors such as RoylerRickson or Royce Gracie. His lineage and legacy are among the strongest in Jiu Jitsu and he is regarded as one of the fathers of the Brazilian grappling art.
  4. Rickson Gracie

    Rickson Gracie is regarded by many Brazilian jiu jitsu figures such as Ricardo AronaDemian MaiaPaulo Filho and many others as the Greatest BJJ practitioner of all time, being also the son of Grand Master Helio Gracie – co founder of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Through several Vale-Tudo (No Holds Barred) fights in his native Brazil and in Japan during the 1980 and 1990 decades, Rickson Gracie helped put his family’s grappling trade on the map as a legitimate and well known fighting style. Rickson Gracie also became a star in the MMA community after the release of the fantastic documentary “Choke”.
  5. Jorge Pereira

    Jorge Pereira is a Brazilian jiu jitsu coral belt (7th degree) who earned his black belt training under Rickson Gracie(1986). Pereira is known as one of the defenders of the Brazilian grappling style in vale tudo (no holds barred) matches throughout the 1980/90s and 2000s as well as for having built one of the strongest jiu jitsu teams of that era, developing athletes such as Leo Dalla, Otavio “Tatá” Duarte, Paulo Guillobel, Wander Braga or Luiz “Guigo” to name a few. In 2007 Pereira was the face of a controversial fighting promotion named Rio Heroes, an organization that brought back the old values of NHB to the fight business, screened from some of the most well known slums in Brazil.
  6. Luis Guilherme (Guigo)

    Luiz Guilherme, commonly known as “Guigo” is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Jorge Pereira who himself was a well respected student of Rickson Gracie. Guigo was regarded as one of the top ultra heavyweights of his generation, having conquered a world title in 1997. Since then Guigo has become a well respected coach at his gym, the Equipe Guigo Jiu Jitsu in Sao Paulo – Brazil.
  7. Diogenes Pacheco


From our people

Great family. That is the way to learn bjj, with discipline and respect, that is the place!

Discipline, hard work and passion!!!! It’s bbj used for mind, body, power and resistance. Don’t go anywhere to find a place, find who work with heart.

Igor Reis

the best people I have met in a lifetime of martial arts training

The coaching staff at Pacheco Jiu-Jitsu are among the best people I have met in a lifetime of martial arts training. I no longer live in Sydney and cannot train with them, but have recommended these guys to friends and clients for years now.

Seth Williams

club that we call family

Best caring and nurturing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club by far ! Encouraging all students to be the best they can be in life on and off the mats. Teaching amazing quality technique, Respect for one another and help each other . My son is growing up with great values due to this amazing club we call family ❤

Jodie McManus