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  • Sutherland Basketball stadium
  • 17/11/2019
  • Sunday, 8AM to 4PM

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Sutherland Basketball stadium

Sunday, 8AM to 4PM



Sutherland Basketball stadium

Sunday, 8AM to 4PM



The First Kids – Only Jiu Jitsu Competition in Australia


FORMAT : Little Heros tournaments follow a Round Robin format. All  matches follow a points structure (IBJJF)


Match Duration

• The time limit for every Juveniles match will be 5 minutes.

• The time limit for every Kids match will be 3 minutes.


The matches follow original  BJJ point scoring: 4 for the mount, 4 for the back, 3 for a guard pass, 2 for a sweep, 2 for a take down, 2 for knee on belly.

• IBJJF rules


Your Gi will be measured after weigh in.


Shorts with no zips & Rash-guard must be worn


We do not take registrations at the event!

Kids & Teens

Early Registration 1 Divisions – AUD50

Early Registration 2 Divisions – AUD60

Normal Registration 1 Divisions – AUD60

Normal Registration 2 Divisions – AUD70

Late Registration 1 Divisions – AUD 70

Late Registration 2 Divisions – AUD 80

COMPETITOR LISTS: Competitor Lists will be LIVE throughout the registration process and can be viewed by checking out the registrations tab on the event page. We encourage everyone to login by the last day of registration and check their details along with the competitor lists, and not wait until the brackets are published and locked in to confirm such details.

CHANGING DIVISIONS: After registration closes, all competitors, coaches or parents have until 1pm the following day to make any changes to their registrations.

DIVISION MERGERS: After deadline, competitors who do not have anyone in their division group may be merged with another division. All athletes who remain solo in their divisions once brackets are released means had no default merges available to them, and therefore there are no matches available for that competitor. They will receive a full refund .

REFUND POLICY: We issue refunds only when you can’t be matched.

BRACKETS and SCHEDULE: 12 hours prior to the tournament, the event brackets and schedule will be released. You will be able to locate both on the event page brackets and schedule tab.

WEIGH-INS: Takes place on the day of the event. You will not have to weigh-in with your Gi on. You must weigh-in anytime from the event opening until 60 minutes before your scheduled division start time. You must have officially weighed in by this hour before your division time and have made the weight, or else you will be disqualified and removed from the bracket. If you miss weight you are automatically disqualified.

COACH & CROWD : We will have 1 chair on each side of every score table, 1 for each coach of the competitor on the mat. The only other people allowed within the barricades during the tournament are the competitors on the mat having their match and the competitors on deck.

MEDALS and PHOTOS: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to all podium finishers. During the post-week of events, we will upload an album of an event’s podium photos to our Facebook page.

MEDIC ON HAND: There will be a trained and professional medic on sight.

WARM UP MATS: We try our best to always provide a warm up area for our competitors during tournaments.

BEST ACADEMY and AWARD: Team standings, points, and medal counts are live updated to and readily available on the results tab of the event page. There will be a trophy awarded at the end of the competition.

FASTEST SUBMISSION: Aim for the top of the event leaderboard with your name and time. We track how fast you submit someone. We record the top 5 fastest submission times at each tournament and post the leaderboard post-week of the events to Facebook & Instagram.

DIVISION RESULTS: Division brackets along with their final placements are live updated to and readily available on the results tab of the event page.

RANKINGS: We track rankings for both competitors and teams by the Annual Season.